Bathroom Budget

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10/4/20233 min read

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting project, but it's essential to budget wisely to ensure you stay on track financially. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to budget effectively for your bathroom renovation:

1. Assess the Area:

  • Start by measuring the floor area of your bathroom to determine the required amount of tiles. For example, if your bathroom is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide, the floor area is 54 square feet.

2. Tile and Flooring Costs:
  • Budget for tiling by calculating the floor area. Plan to add 5-10% extra tiles to account for cutting or breakage.

  • On average, tiling costs around ₹160 per square foot, including labor and materials, assuming tiles cost ₹80 per square foot.

  • For marble installations, expect costs of ₹300 per square foot upwards, including labor, materials, and polishing

bathroom floor tile selection
bathroom floor tile selection
3. Sanitaryware Selection:
  • Explore mid-range sanitaryware options, particularly in ivory and white.

  • Floor-mounted commodes start at ₹7,500 per piece, while wall-mounted commodes begin at ₹10,000 per piece.

  • Standard-sized, over-counter washbasins can start at ₹8,000, while good-quality under-counter washbasins begin at ₹5,000.

bathroom sanitaryware budget
bathroom sanitaryware budget
4. Sanitary Fixture Budget (₹18,000):
  • Budget ₹18,000 for essential bathroom fixtures, including an overhead shower for a luxurious bathing experience, a convenient hand-shower, a wall mixer unit that combines hot and cold water controls, reliable washbasin faucets, efficient floor drains, and other necessary components to enhance your bathroom's functionality and comfort.
5. Electrical Work:
  • Budget for electrical work, including concealed wiring, light fixtures, exhaust fans, LED strip lighting (optional), switchboards, and hot water geysers.

  • Electrical costs vary but can range between ₹150 and ₹200 per running foot of wire used in the bathroom, depending on wire thickness

6. Painting the Ceiling:
  • Use emulsion paint with a semi-gloss finish for the bathroom ceiling due to its resistance to moisture and humidity.

  • The cost of painting (including material and labor) is approximately ₹35 per square foot.

7. Miscellaneous Costs:

  • Countertop materials like marble or granite start at ₹2,500 per running foot.

  • Toughened glass partitions for shower areas begin at ₹750 per square foot.

  • Budget around ₹5,000 for bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, towel rods, soap dispensers, hooks, towel rings, and toilet paper holders.

  • For under-sink cabinets, expect costs starting from ₹1,600 per square foot.

  • Frameless bathroom mirrors start at ₹1,500, while decorative mirrors with wooden borders begin at ₹4,000.

  • Standard bathtubs start at ₹12,500 per piece.

To calculate the total cost of your bathroom renovation, simply add up the costs of all the items and components mentioned in the budget breakdown. Here's a step-by-step example of how to calculate the total cost:

  1. Plumbing: ₹25,000 (Labor and materials)

  2. Tiling: Estimated cost based on the square footage of floor and wall tiles. For instance, if the total square footage is 100 square feet, and the cost is ₹160 per square foot, the estimated cost would be ₹16,000.

  3. Sanitary ware: Cost for commodes, washbasins, etc. Let's say it amounts to ₹20,000.

  4. Sanitary Fixtures: Budgeted at ₹18,000.

  5. Electricals: Cost for wiring, fixtures, etc. Let's say it amounts to ₹15,000.

  6. Painting: Cost of painting the ceiling. If the bathroom's ceiling area is 50 square feet, the cost would be ₹35 per square foot * 50 square feet = ₹1,750.

  7. Miscellaneous: The sum of costs for countertops, glass partitions, accessories, cabinets, mirrors, and a bathtub. Let's say it amounts to ₹25,000.

Now, add up all these costs:

Total Cost = Plumbing + Tiling + Sanitaryware + Sanitary Fixtures + Electricals + Painting + Miscellaneous

Total Cost = ₹25,000 + ₹16,000 + ₹20,000 + ₹18,000 + ₹15,000 + ₹1,750 + ₹25,000

Total Cost = ₹100,750

So, the estimated total cost of your bathroom renovation is ₹100,750. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate, and actual costs may vary based on factors like location, material quality, and labor rates. Obtaining quotes from contractors and suppliers will provide a more accurate cost for your specific project.