"Telangana Unveils India's First 23km Solar-Powered Cycling Track"

16,000 solar panels,16 megawatt Power, can light upto 32,000 streetlights, 850 bicycle parking spaces


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10/2/20232 min read

The solar roof cycling track around Hyderabad's Outer Ring Road (ORR) was officially inaugurated on Sunday, 1 October.

This 23-kilometre track is first-of-its-kind and is designed to be environmentally friendly. The newly opened Healthway Cycling Track is a unique facility with a global design.

It is divided into two distinct stretches. The first section covers a distance of 8.5 kilometres, running from TSPA to Nanakramguda. The second stretch spans 14.5 kilometres, extending from Narsingi to Kollur.

Additionally, there will be five strategically located access points along the track, allowing entry from Narsingi, Kollur, TSPA, Vattinagulapalli, and Nanakramguda.

One remarkable feature that sets the Hyderabad track apart is the installation of an impressive 16,000 solar panels on its roof.

KT Rama Rao, the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, who officiated the track’s inauguration, described it as India’s first-of-its-kind solar-covered cycle track.

These solar roof panels have the potential to generate an impressive 16 megawatts of electricity, equivalent to powering 32,000 streetlights or illuminating 800 kilometres of city streets.

The path is guarded by V-shaped columns made of SS steel. The roofing sheets, sourced from a factory in Ahmedabad and fabricated on-site, are made of GI with anodized coating.

The design of the panels was customised in collaboration with experts from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, and Osmania University’s College of Engineering. The project aims to create modular pieces for easy installation and maintenance.

The financial benefits of this sustainable energy source are significant. The investment in the solar panels is expected to be fully recouped in just six years, with the entire project becoming financially self-sustaining within 15 years, reports the Economic Times.

This innovative approach demonstrates the city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and solidifies its position as the most environmentally friendly cycling track in the world.

Solar roof Cycle track in India

Some Key Statistics of Hyderabad solar Cycling track

  1. Solar Panels on the Roof: There are 16,000 solar panels on the roof. These panels can generate 16 megawatts (16,000 kilowatts) of electricity.

  2. Streetlights Powered: The electricity generated is equivalent to powering 32,000 streetlights.

  3. City Streets Illuminated:The electricity generated can illuminate 800 kilometers of city streets.

  4. Bicycle Parking Stations: There are five bicycle parking stations. A total of 850 bicycle parking spaces are available at these stations.

  5. Types of Bicycle Parking: Of these 850 parking spaces, 475 are designated for personal bicycle parking. The remaining 375 parking spaces are available for rental purposes