What is the steel rod weight per meter

steel bar weight and costs vary. Approx. prices for different sizes in INR/tonne: 8mm at 66,600 INR/tonne (66.60 INR/kg), 10mm, 12mm, 16mm at 67,000 INR/tonne, and 20mm, 25mm, 32mm at 66,800-67,200 INR/tonne.


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steel rod weight per meter
steel rod weight per meter

Steel bars, commonly known as reinforcement bars or rebar, are a fundamental component in construction projects. These bars provide the necessary strength and stability to concrete structures, making them essential for building everything from residential homes to massive infrastructure projects. Understanding the typical weights of different steel bar sizes per meter is crucial for accurate project planning and structural integrity. In this guide, we'll explore the typical weights of steel bars ranging from 6mm to 40mm in diameter.

6mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.22 kg per Meter

A 6mm steel bar typically weighs around 0.22 kilograms per meter (kg/m). This lightweight bar is often used for smaller construction and concrete projects where reinforcement is needed but without the added weight of larger bars.

8mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.395 kg per Meter

Stepping up in size, an 8mm steel bar weighs approximately 0.395 kg per meter (kg/m). It provides increased strength and is suitable for various construction applications, including residential and light commercial projects.

10mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.62 kg per Meter

The 10mm steel bar is a common choice, with an approximate weight of 0.62 kg per meter (kg/m). It offers versatility and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and reinforcement needs.

12mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.89 kg per Meter

A 12mm steel bar is heavier, weighing approximately 0.89 kg per meter (kg/m). Its increased thickness provides greater structural support, making it a preferred choice for larger construction projects and high-stress areas.

16mm Steel Bar: Approximately 1.58 kg per Meter

Stepping into larger sizes, a 16mm steel bar weighs approximately 1.58 kg per meter (kg/m). This size is often used in projects that require substantial reinforcement, such as bridges and heavy-duty foundations.

20mm Steel Bar: Approximately 2.47 kg per Meter

For even greater strength, a 20mm steel bar is a common choice, with an approximate weight of 2.47 kg per meter (kg/m). It is ideal for large-scale construction projects where structural integrity is paramount.

25mm Steel Bar: Approximately 3.86 kg per Meter

A 25mm steel bar offers significant strength and weighs approximately 3.86 kg per meter (kg/m). It is commonly used in complex construction projects, including commercial buildings and infrastructure.

32mm Steel Bar: Approximately 6.32 kg per Meter

A 32mm steel bar is substantial in size and weight, with an approximate weight of 6.32 kg per meter (kg/m). It is often employed in projects that require the highest level of reinforcement, such as bridges and heavy industrial structures.

40mm Steel Bar: Weight Varies

The weight of a 40mm steel bar can vary depending on the specific type and grade of steel used. It is typically a heavy and robust choice, suitable for the most demanding construction applications.

Understanding the typical weights of steel bars is essential for engineers, architects, builders, and project managers. This knowledge enables precise material planning, structural design, and adherence to safety standards. When embarking on construction projects, having a clear understanding of steel bar weights is a fundamental step towards building strong, reliable, and safe structures.

Price of steel rob per kg and in metric ton

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